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Get quick answers to frequently asked support questions.

All specifications, features, compatibility and setup instructions for your laptop can be found within the Users Manual for your machine. This can be accessed through the drivers disk, or by downloading the manual online at our Driver Zone. Please click the link below to locate the manual for your model:

Metabox Driver Zone >
What Features Does My Laptop Support?

Metabox laptops can have their RAM, SSD/HDD's and wireless cards accessed and upgraded without voiding any sort of warranty cover. We're more than happy to provide assistance through visual guides and over the phone direction if you were to get in touch through our 'Contact Us' page

Contact Us >
User Upgradeable Components Under Warranty

We are more than happy to transfer the warranty details in our system over to the new user/owner of a Metabox laptop, and is quite a straightforward process. We'll need the original purchaser to contact us through their email used to place the order, and to provide the details of the new user/owner:

Customer Name:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Residential/Business Address:

We can then add them to our system to reference them as the owner of the laptop, and their details will link correctly if they ever need to contact us for a warranty claim or inquiry.
Can I Transfer My Warranty To Another User?

The warranty on your laptop is provided to cover any faults or failures of the components during the implicit and any extended purchased warranty periods. This cannot cover issues caused by external input and not a failure of the components, this includes physical damage, liquid damage or issues caused by Windows or driver concerns.

Software based concerns can be diagnosed and resolved by getting in touch with one of our support agents who will assist you in rectifying this, or determing the cause so that you may implement a solution for your particular needs.
What Issues Can the Warranty Cover?

These features in your laptop are controlled by the Control Centre Utility driver (previously Hotkey driver), and allows you to configure a variety of important functionality like the power saving and performance modes, fan controls and keyboard backlighting.

This can be opened by holding the Fn key and tapping Esc.
Keyboard Backlighting and Fan Controls

If your Operating System has been purchased and pre-installed by Metabox, you will need to locate the license key on the base of your laptop to enter it into the Activation screen of Windows.

1. Open the Start Menu and search for 'Activation', or click here to open.
2. Enter the License key from the sticker on the base of your laptop.
3. Allow time for the Digital Activation to take place.
4. Performing restarts, or scanning for Windows Updates will speed up the Activation.
Windows not Activated or Cannot Personalize Windows Settings

If you've performed an installation of Windows yourself, or have recently needed to format a drive or install a new drive - you may find that your secondary drives do not appear.

1. Please search in the Start Menu for 'Disk Management', or right click directly on the Start Menu and select this option.
2. If you are automatically prompted with a wizard to 'Initialize disks' please click the next buttons to complete this prerequisite step.
3. Once completed, you will need to right click on any present black bars located in the bottom half of the management window, and to use the 'New simple volume' option.
4. Choose your partition size, name and drive letter if you wished for them to be customized, or you may leave the default options and simply press next to complete the process.
Secondary Hard Drives or SSD Not Showing Up

Having the incorrect symbol appear, such as the @ symbol when trying to use quotation marks, or vice versa is caused by the incorrect input language being set during the setup stage. Most often this is due to English (United Kingdom) being selected instead of English (US) or (Australia). Please kindly head to the 'Language Settings' section of Start Menu by searching for this in the Start Menu, or by clicking the link below:

Click To Open Language/Region Settings Window >
Keyboard Input Not Matching Key That's Pressed

If this message appears there are a few different possibilities of why, depending on your laptops age and any prior symptoms.

1. If your laptop has just recently been purchased and received, this message would indicate that you purchased your laptop without an Operating System such as Windows 10 and to resolve it you'd need to purchase and install Windows 10.

*Please note that following an installation of Windows 10, it's strongly advised to also install the drivers for your laptop from the Drivers Pack that's available in our Metabox Driver Zone > section.

2. If your system had previously been installed and working, and you were now receiving this message it could indicate that the operating system has experienced an issue or the hard drive in your laptop cannot boot correctly.

Connecting your Windows installer USB or disk and running the Repair options it provides will allow you to select System Restore, Startup Repair and other methods of restoring your Windows to a working condition. A clean installation of Windows will allow you to confirm whether the drive itself is still functional, but will require that you've saved or backed up important data on your main boot drive.
Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media and press a key

To keep your laptop in a healthy state of operation there are a few important steps to take:

1. Dust Prevention; Blowing out the fans with canned/compressed air every 4-6 months would be recommended to prevent the start of any buildup or potential blockages. It's recommended to blow backwards and opposite to the direction that air normally leaves the ventilation. Short bursts of air no more than 2-3 seconds along the length of the vent will dislodge any dust.

2. Battery Health; Fully discharging and recharging the battery once every 2-3 weeks is strongly recommended. Extended periods of time with the battery at full capacity, or empty charge levels can quickly result in reduced charge capacity and performance if left for too long.

3. General Operation; Many programs will startup automatically once the computer is turned on and will function in the background performing varied tasks. Over time of owning your laptop this can result the system slowing down compared to when you first received it.

Driver updates for compatibility with new programs and Windows Updates is an important performance related maintenance task as well. To resolve both of these concerns, you may 'refresh' your system by performing a clean installation of Windows and an installation of the latest drivers from the drivers pack for your laptop at our Driver Zone. Please click the link below:

Metabox Driver Zone >
General Laptop Maintenance

The Soundblaster software runs alongside the physical Realtek audio device to enhance the quality and volume of playback. Your configuration of Windows may require that a Microsoft account is logged in for Store apps to be delivered through updates.

1. Ensure that you've downloaded and installed the Soundblaster drivers for your model.
2. Click to Scan and install Windows Updates, as this driver is delivered by Windows directly. you may manually install this by clicking here.
3. Please log into a Microsoft account if the above does not install the application.
4. Search for and run 'Soundblaster' from the Start Menu to configure the audio settings.
Soundblaster Not Visible or Low Audio Volume From Speakers

We would typically advise against using third party 'driver finder' applications, as they can in some cases detect the incorrect drivers and install something that is not suitable for the laptops hardware. This would unfortunately result in conflicts of drivers causing certain functions of the laptop not to work correctly, or even causing the system to crash or freeze in some circumstances.
Downloading new drivers directly from our Driver Zone would be recommended. For universal drivers such as the graphics drivers from Nvidia and Intel or WLAN drivers from Realtek, Killer and Intel you may update them directly from the respective manufacturers websites - keeping in mind that the versions are not officially tested/released. In most instances these manually installed ones should work without issue.
Universal Drivers and Update Utilities

Beginning with Windows 8, Microsoft have implemented a 'Fast Startup' feature which is activated by default and will cause this message to appear when using the normal Shutdown option from the Start Menu.

This feature results in the system entering a 'hybrid' of shutting down and hibernating, which will allow the system to turn on much quicker than a full shutdown would. This is the normal functionality of the operating system with default settings.
Laptop is 'Resuming from Hibernation'

Bios updates are not typically required unless you were experiencing major compatibiltiy issues or if there have been recent changes to support updated versions of Windows, or new hardware releases.

These updates can be provided by a Metabox Support agent, and if using the 'Contact Us' form, please include your current
BIOS/EC/Firmware version by checking the BIOS which is accessed by holding F2 as you are restarting your laptop.
BIOS, EC and Firmware Updates

Current technology does not guarantee LCD screens can be produced without these type of pixels -and do appear on a percentage of manufactured screen across all electronic brands and companies.

Most manufacturers have an acceptable number of defective pixels ranging anywhere from 4-16 on a single screen before being able to be covered under warranty. We consider any amount of burnt pixels greater or equal to six, dispersed over the LCD, to be warrantable and any amount of burnt pixels greater or equal to three clustered (within 1.5mm radius) together to be warrantable.

However, due to the often misunderstood nature of this issue and our focus on delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we will replace an LCD screen with even one "burnt" pixel if notified within the first 7 days of warranty on anyone of our brand new products.
Dead, Stuck, Burned/Bright Pixels